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1. What is What does your firm provide to the industry? is a niche, on-line job portal and a research tool for employment in the global commodities and environmental marketplace. Our focus is the oil, gas, energy, coal and emissions, metals, grains and environmental markets. The website is a global resource designed for serving industry professionals, recruiters, and corporate communities.

2. What is your team's background and experience in the industry?

The team consists of individuals with over 100 years of professional experience collectively. The team’s expertise ranges from IT, Commodities Trading and Marketing, Equities Trading and Fund Management to Computer Science, Programming, Public Relations, Law, Sales and SEO.

3. How is your service offering different from others out there?

CC’s offerings are dedicated to benefit a target audience. Since most of visitors are there for the same reason with similar professional interests, the Site produces results. CC does not want to be all things to all industries, we want to be considered the go to career portal in our niche: commodities and the environment.

4. Are you seeing any trends in hedge fund hiring and commodity related jobs?

A hedge fund we started a dialogue with late last year posted 3 positions on today. The Fund’s hiring needs range from IT and Marketing to Fundamental Analysis. We predict we will see more and more activity as the year progresses.

5. What tips would you have for someone within the job market right now? Any tips?

- Job seeking professionals should seize the opportunity to align themselves with organizations that are in a position to offer mentorship.
- Leverage the power of industry specific sites to create your online presence; use it to market yourself; you may be surprised at the results. You have to sign up for try outs before you can even be considered for the team. Choose reputable sites.
- Use professional networking sites to stay connected with ex-colleagues, friends and other industry professionals
- Join industry trade associations, subscribe to industry trade publications and news sites to stay current
- Attend industry events and seminars. This can be a good opportunity to learn more about the industry and network with like professionals

6. What future plans do you have for your business?

Growth. As the scope of the site increases and partnerships are put in place, the growth rate will be tremendous. Commitment to quality content and a well-maintained database and an emphasis on mentorships and education in our campus recruitment section.

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